Assessor Resolutions



Goods-in-Transit and Marine Loss Adjusting

We understand that our client’s priority is to have claims assessed, and have any disputes resolved expediently in order to restore business operations as quickly as possible. From receipt of our appointment, we immediately assess the urgency of the claim and prioritise accordingly.

The necessary documents are called for, and, where requested to do so, we obtain documentation from third parties on behalf of the client.

Our GIT assessing and Marine Surveying includes a full service of:

Our experience with GIT covers a wide spectrum

of assessments including inter alia:

Your Trusted Partner in Claims Management

We ensure careful investigation of the cause of loss and prove or refute the responsible parties’ liabilities. We then assess whether the amount claimed is reasonable, and whether additional claimable items have been included.

We look forward to assisting you with your GIT, Marine, and Commercial assessment surveys