Assessor Resolutions
Assessor Resolutions

Expert Assessment Solutions for Your Business

Specialised in Goods-in-Transit and Marine Insurance Assessments. Accurate and Independent.


Specialised Expertise in Assessments

Assessor Resolutions is a B-BBEE level four designated organisation, specialising in Goods-in-Transit and Marine insurance assessments. We offer accurate and independent assessments with a commitment to professionalism and dedication to both our business and yours.

Quick Response and Resolution

With a team of highly skilled professionals handling your assessments, we minimise the waiting time for reports and supporting documentation, ensuring a swift resolution of claims.


When partnering with us, you receive our standard of service and ethical conduct. We stand by our commitment to quality and integrity.
Your Business is Our Priority

Specialised Insurance Assessments with Integrity.

Assessor Resolutions specialises in Goods-in-Transit and Marine insurance assessments. With a strong emphasis on integrity, professionalism, and commitment to our clients, we offer accurate, fully independent assessments.

Quickly and efficiently settle authentic client claims with Assessor Resolutions

Our Comprehensive Services

Excellence in Claims Adjustment & Assessment

Goods-in-Transit Loss Adjusting

We take your business's swift recovery seriously. From the moment we're appointed, we prioritise your claims, handle disputes, and restore your operations as quickly as possible.

Marine Loss Adjusting

We deal with the assessment and resolution of claims related to marine incidents. It encompasses a detailed investigation into the cause and extent of loss, whether it be damage to a vessel, cargo loss, or other marine-related occurrences.